DT-102-AT0/DT-102-AT2 Video

You need all your devices to live up to the standards of the job. That means total safety when working around explosive gases. The DT-102-AT0 from iKey is an industrial keyboard made for work in hazardous environments.

The keyboard carries Factory Mutual approval for use in ATEX Zone 0 areas. The case and keys are made from stainless steel and it ships with bulkhead cables. This thing is indestructible.

It can take abuse from vibration, extreme temperature, shock, and humidity.

It features an integrated touchpad and 10-key numeric pad so you can minimize accessories at your work station. It’s compatible with both Windows and Android systems.

The keyboard is also available in the DT-102-AT2 model, approved for use in ATEX Zone 2 areas.


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