iKey Capabilities

iKey prides itself on innovative solutions, quality products, and superior customer service. With over two decades of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality input devices, iKey has streamlined the process from concept to production and delivery. Our trained sales team makes certain that all customers receive personal attention, answering questions and guiding the ordering process.

Built To Order
iKey’s industrial keyboards are built to order, and can be expedited or customized according to special requests. Once built, they are put through a rigorous series of quality control tests, receiving hand-tested approval at three separate stations before shipment.

Full-service Support
Our trained sales team is available to consult with any iKey customer regarding questions or complications with our keyboards. We offer an extensive repair program, part replacement, and options for those who want to upgrade parts as technology changes.

Quality Assurance
Rigorous testing procedures are an absolute necessity when manufacturing rugged computer peripherals. All of iKey’s products are tested to stringent standards that ensure our customers receive the best quality possible. From keypads to pointing devices, our products are built to withstand consistent use in the harshest conditions. Before new production begins, all keypad designs are tested on a silicone keypad endurance tester with an actuation force plotter to ensure the parts meet desired specifications.

The HulaPoint™ II pointing device:
iKey developed a completely customized pointing device lifecycle test to prove the endurance of the product. The test showed a 35% increase in the lifecycle of the HulaPoint™ II pointing device over the previous design used by iKey.

iKey receives regular reviews from top customers when it comes to quality. Customers consistently rate us as exceptional when it comes to quality and receiving conformance.