Custom Keyboards & Pointing Devices

iKey’s design & engineering team is capable of creating 100% customized projects and custom keyboards specifically tailored to your precise needs.  Every rugged keyboard we ship is customized to an industry need or a customer specification. 

Customizable keyboard features include:
Layout: From specialized number pads to additional function keys, iKey can create custom layouts tailored to any application.

Language: iKey has created custom key legends in over 20 languages, including…

Arabic Spanish Turkish
Swedish Swiss UK
Belgium Cyrillic Danish
Finnish French French Canadian
German Hebrew Italian
Japanese Korean Norwegian
Polish Slovenian

Backlighting: iKey’s backlit keyboard options feature almost any LED color, along with NVIS Green B for night vision compatibility. In addition, iKey can tailor a unit to have multiple levels of backlighting, along with an emergency “blackout” key.

Case Material:

Stainless Steel
Silicone Rubber
Textured Polyester
Conductive Plastic



Custom Pointing Devices: iKey can integrate a variety of pointing devices into custom keyboards. Options include a touchpad, force-sensing resistor (FSR), HulaPoint II™, or trackball. In some instances, iKey can integrate more than one pointing device into a single unit.