Cross Contamination Video

Keyboards in the medical setting are constantly used by many different hands. They can often harbor harmful bacteria and viruses that spread to other people and parts of the office.

iKey has partnered with top healthcare professionals to engineer keyboards that prevent cross contamination.

The CDC estimates that every day 1 in 25 hospitals will experience at least one health care associated infection. So we set out to help prevent that and keep patients and staff safe.

Our medical keyboards are liquid proof so they hold up to spills, but also seal out germs and can easily be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped off.

After standard use, spray the keyboard down with one of the approved sterilization methods. That includes hospital approved disinfectants, 10 percent bleach solution, or 70 percent ethanol solution. Let the disinfectant stand for 10 minutes. Work it in between keys with a cotton ball. Then wipe it down for a completely sanitized keyboard.


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