iKey Announces Four New Rugged Products During Distributech 2017 Expo

Are you attending the power industry’s Distributech 2017 Expo in San Diego, January 31 to February 2?  Plan to see iKey’s Scott Morris, our Technical Sales Manager, for a sneak peek at what’s new at iKey.

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, catch Scott in person on the Expo floor.

What’s new?

iKey announces the availability of four new rugged peripherals including the Panasonic® FZ-G1 tablet attachable keyboard and a new dual connectivity keyboard, designed with the needs of fleet and power companies in mind. Scott Morris, iKey’s technical sales engineer, will be meeting with companies to discuss the products at the Distributech 2017 Expo.

To schedule talk time with Scott during the show:

Scott Morris:  512-423-4991 cell or scott@ikey.com

The newly designed IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 keyboard is exclusively for use with the Panasonic FZG1 Tablet. The keyboard is improved from previous models, designed with a more robust latching mechanism which provides increased docking strength while reducing wear and tear on the keyboard. The new latching mechanism now locks and secures the keyboard to the tablet and does not require a key of any kind. This model specifically includes Green backlighting and 1x external USB 2.0 port.

This rugged V5 keyboard is resistant to dirt, dust and spills. It is rated IP54. It is made of industrial silicone rubber.  The keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard with integrated touchpad.

iKey also is pleased to introduce a new dual connectivity keyboard, BT-870-TP, with integrated battery, offering both Bluetooth and micro USB to USB cable connection to the computer. Dual connectivity is ideal for power companies’ fleet needs.

“Dual connectivity is what we hear our customers asking for; they need both for reliability, not just Bluetooth,” comments Steven Meyer, CEO of iKey. “Device interference is common and dual connectivity will solve that,” he adds.

In the category of full travel keyboards, iKey announces the availability of the new IK-TR-911-FSR full travel keyboard, with new Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) pointing device. The new FSR design is improved for use in high humidity and gloved use. This product is ideal for power/energy fleet where space demands a touchpad.

Lastly, iKey announces a new 15.6” widescreen display. This new, larger display is designed for in-vehicle mounting. The display has a brightness of 1500 nits and an aspect ratio of 16:9 with options to connect the computer via HDMI or VGA. This is a larger version of iKey’s 13.3” display.

iKey designs and assembles at its corporate office in Austin, Texas. iKey is known around the world as an industry leader in rugged peripherals and has a 26-year history of rugged product in the field. Every iKey keyboard and display is customized to a specific industry or customer. For more information, visit: www.ikey.com

Source: iKey, LTD

Select product photos below. High resolution photos by request to: scott@ikey.com

V5 Latch - CloseUp New latch featured on the newly designed IK-FZG1-C1-V5


Latching Mechanism C1-V5IK-FZG1-C1-V5






IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 keyboard attached to Panasonic FZG1 Tablet




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iKey, LTD is THE rugged peripherals industry leader and manufacturer located in Austin, Texas. The company designs and customizes rugged keyboards, mice, pointing devices and displays for many industry segments including power/energy/utilities, industrial manufacturing, public safety, medical, fleet, mobile and kiosk. iKey has been in business for more than 26 years and we manufacture products that are “Real Tough for Real Life.”™ Please check out our company website is: www.ikey.com

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