New Wireless, Rechargeable Keyboard is Back in Black for Industrial Applications

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier this year, iKey®, the world’s premier innovator of rugged computer peripherals, introduced the SBW-97-TP™, the industry’s first rechargeable wireless keyboard designed for infection control. Now iKey’s most innovative and flexible user-friendly keyboard is back in black: Introducing the SBW-97-TP-BLACK™ designed with industrial applications in mind.



The SBW-97-TP-BLACK is the first fully sealed, rechargeable, wireless keyboard on the market using QuickPair™ technology. QuickPair is the unique ability to pair to a USB dongle over a 802.11G wireless frequency without interacting with the host PC. Unlike traditional wireless keyboards, iKey’s latest product does not require the user to press any buttons on the dongle or interact with the computer’s operating system.

“Pairing the keyboard is only a two-keystroke procedure with any PC that has the USB dongle installed,” Dave Huddleston, iKey Operations Manager, said. “This is an exclusive feature that allows the keyboard to be moved across various computers or workstations with ease.”

Powered by a lithium ion battery, the SBW-97-TP-BLACK has superior battery life of two weeks with regular use, and is easily recharged with its included micro USB cable. The keyboard only takes five hours to fully charge, and maintains full functionality while charging.

As with all of iKey’s industrial peripherals, the SBW-97-TP-BLACK is engineered with factory and manufacturing settings in mind. Wireless keyboards eliminate the need for cables, which often take up valuable space and can be difficult to route in industrial areas.

Ideal for use anywhere dust, dirt, water and extreme temperatures wreak havoc on keyboards and other technical equipment, its case and silicone rubber keys are fully sealed and washable. Featuring a CleanLock™ key, the SBW-97-TP-BLACK can be quickly and easily disabled during cleaning procedures.
“iKey’s products are built to withstand difficult environments where standard keyboards will fail,” Huddleston said. “iKey’s NEMA-rated industrial keyboards rise to the challenge to eliminate down time and survive in the harsh conditions of factory floors, industrial workstations and other industrial environments.”

Measuring only 14.96″ x 5.91″ x 0.84″ (w-h-d), the SBW-97-TP-BLACK includes an integrated touchpad and 10-key numeric pad. Designed to be user-friendly, it also has three LED indicators for battery life, pairing and charging.

The SBW-97-TP-BLACK’s case is built from rugged, ABS polycarbonate plastic, and has an integrated VESA mounting pattern on the back. The unit is also available with an optional magnetic mount, providing an easy way to change out the keyboards for charging purposes.

For more information on the SBW-97-TP-BLACK, visit iKey online at or iKey’s YouTube Channel for product demos and features.

About iKey, LP.: iKey designs and manufactures rugged, sealed keyboards, displays, pointing devices for industrial, public safety, medical and military applications. A pioneer in its industry since 1989, iKey is known as an innovator of industrial computer peripherals. For more information, visit


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