PM-1000-IS/PM-1000-NI Video

The PM-1000-IS from iKey is an intrinsically safe keyboard built to keep you safe in the roughest conditions.

This keyboard is Factory Mutual approved for Classes 1 through 3, Groups C through G, and Division 1 hazardous environments. It’s built with a stainless steel frame, optical isolated barriers, and bulkhead cables for total protection.

This thing is tough, manufactured to meet NEMA 4X specifications. It can endure abuse from shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and humidity.

It’s compatible with all Windows operating systems, features a 10-key numeric pad, and full 114-key functionality.

The keyboard is also available in the PM-1000-NI model. It’s a nonincendive keyboard FM-approved for use in Class 1 and Division 2 environments.


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