Keyboard with Integrated Trackball

The DT-2000-TB is constructed using a highly-rugged stainless steel case and industrial silicone rubber pad, ensuring NEMA 4X protection. The DT-2000-TB’s trackball pointing device is a completely sealed 38-mm laser unit, featuring a removable ball for convenient cleaning, as well as an adjustable tension ring. The trackball is operated using sealed stainless steel switches with left and right click functions and a third programmable button.

10-Key Numeric Pad
114-Key Functionality
24 Function Keys
Integrated Trackball
PS/2 and Separate-Cable USB configurations available

SHOCK3x11 ms pulses of 50g on each of 3 axes
CABLELENGTH: 10 feet (3.04 meters) DESIGN: "Y" PS/2 Cable (providing separate keyboard and mouse connections), or two USB cables
KEY SWITCHMATERIAL: Industrial silicone rubber LIFE: 10 million cycles TRAVEL: 0.055 in (1.4 mm) ACTUATION FORCE: 7.03 oz +/- 1.06 oz (200g +/- 30g) FEEDBACK: Tactile with mechanical snap
PowerPS2: KEYBOARD: 50mA@5V (from Keyboard port) POINTER: 45mA@5V (from Mouse port) USB: 95mA@5V (from CPU port)
CompatabilityPS/2 KEYBOARD/TRACKBALL: All Windows Operating Systems USB KEYBOARD/TRACKBALL: All Windows and Macintosh OS
Temperature Range STORAGE: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F) OPERATING: 0C to 70C (32F to 158F)
WEIGHT8.25 lbs+/- 0.10 lbs (3.74 kg 0.05 kg)
WARRANTY1 Year Limited Warranty
HUMIDITY 100% Humidity Resistant
  • “As a system house and as an integrator of defense rugged computing solutions, Computech International (CTI) is seeking for the best of breed parts and accessories to integrate within its solutions. We found iKey products to meet our and our customers’ quality and performance requirements. We integrated hundreds of iKey rugged keyboards within the Israel Police cars to work with the Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad. We also integrated the iKey keyboard within a Rugged Vehicle Dock (RVD) for armored military platforms that we designed and build for the Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). When we need to choose a rugged keyboard for our solutions, iKey is our favorite choice.”

    - Udi Kauf, CEO, CTI Israel (Computech International)
  • “As an iKey reseller in Germany and Europe, iKey’s diverse portfolio of rugged keyboards and monitors perfectly meets our customers’ needs.”

    - Jens Rhein, Project Management, PWA Electronic GmbH
  • “They have prompt response time and accurate delivery expectations, ensuring a seamless business transaction our customers can appreciate. iKey’s medical keyboards are a perfect fit for our target market.”

    - Pam Chase, Senior Account Executive, Greenpages
  • “The fact that iKey’s products are without parallel in our industry makes providing them to our customers a must, and iKey’s professional, friendly staff makes ordering them a pleasure.”

    - Victoria Kamenev, Export Manager, ITC
  • “We use iKey’s 5K-OEM in our Quickturn Custom Production Program because it’s a great product and we can count on them to facilitate in the time we need to guarantee our services.”

    - Benjamin G. Chapman, Vice President, 2s2
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