SBW-97-TP Video

The iKey SBW-97-TP Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard is there to help you get the job done. You can stay efficient to keep things moving and stay safe.

This keyboard is weather sealed, wireless, and rechargeable so you can take it into any situation or setting. It’s built to last and can handle drops and spills while delivering superior performance. Plus it’s the first keyboard to use QuickPair technology, allowing you to pair a USB dongle over a wireless frequency without interacting with the host PC. All over a 15-foot range of connectivity. That’s ultimate mobility in the workplace.

The keyboard charges in five hours and lasts for two weeks under regular use. It can handle any environment, holding up to dust, dirt, water, and even extreme temperatures. It has a CleanLock key which quickly disables the keyboard’s functionality so you can easily wipe it off or clean it without any PC interface.

The iKey SBW-97-TP Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard includes an integrated VESA mounting pattern to mount in a vehicle or workstation, but can also stay fully mobile.

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