SL-91 Video

The SL-91 from iKey is a mobile keyboard for use in manufacturing, material handling, and remote data entry.

This keyboard is small and convenient, but it’s built tough. It’s constructed with a strong polycarbonate case and industrial silicone keys, which seal out dust, liquids, and corrosives. It meets NEMA 4X standards to handle day to day roughness from shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and humidity.

The keyboard’s casing is sealed to allow easy cleaning. It can withstand frequent use with harsh cleaning chemicals.

The SL-91’s epoxy-coated keys are arranged with plenty of spacing for convenient use with gloved hands. So there are no accidental keystrokes and typos. The keys have integrated backlighting so you can even work in low light.

The keyboards mount via built in mounting holes on its back. Convenient to set up on your forklifts or other vehicles.

Stay mobile and efficient in your facility with the SL-91 keyboard.


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