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12.1″ iKeyVision Display Video
October 9, 2014

The Key Vision High Bright Touch Screen Display, is a 12.1-inch rugged mobile screen solution that holds up in any environment.

This touchscreen display features one thousand nits of brightness. It’s daylight readable so you’re never dealing with glare or obstructions when you’re in a hurry. It’s rated NEMA 4X. That means it is ultra rugged, resistant to corrosion, dust, water, and ice. When things get rough, this screen will hold up under the elements and still deliver the superior touchscreen performance that you need.

The High Bright Touchscreen features a VESA mount pattern, making it ideal for mobile, public safety, transportation, and utility applications. It packs the iKey durability and performance that makes it the best solution for many mobile touchscreen needs. The touchscreen is compatible with multiple Windows operating systems to keep things streamlined, simple, and clear. So you can focus on the task at hand.

The 12-inch High Bright Touch Screen display is your go-to solution for your mobile visual device needs. For more info on the Key Vision High Bright Touch Screen Display and other iKey gear contact our team at https://www.ikey.com

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