Mobile Mounting Solutions, Inc. (MOBILE MOUNTS) was established in 1997 by Larry Alexander and Brian Belcher, both of whom have years of electrical engineering and sales experience in the mobile computing and high-tech industries. The two friends realized there was a disconnect between a company’s IT staff (quickly embracing the burgeoning rugged laptop market for their field workers) and the fleet department (charged with deploying these new devices in company vehicles). From simply finding a way to bridge this gap, MOBILE MOUNTS has grown to be the preeminent, professional provider of mobile data installation services. Based in the Dallas, Texas area, the company has now completed 100,000+ installations spread out all over North America.
MOBILE MOUNTS specializes in project management, including the audit of each vehicle’s mounting needs, coordinating project schedules and finishing the roll-out on time. Our customer base includes more than 100 major gas/water/electric utilities, telephone companies, cable providers, insurance adjusters and dozens of smaller businesses and co-ops. Fleets have varied in size from a few dozen vehicles to several thousand and have included hundreds of different types of vehicle makes and models.

MOBILE MOUNTS is an authorized reseller for vehicle mounting systems, computer cradles and docking stations, modems, GPS receivers, printers and antennas. However, what truly sets MOBILE MOUNTS apart from our competition is providing our customers with original solutions. We have developed products like VuLock®, our own proprietary driver distraction abatement software, and the VPDU vehicle power distribution unit. We also provide custom wiring harnesses, vehicle kits and other installation-related products.

MOBILE MOUNTS is a very valuable partner of iKey®.