The iKey® Advantage

iKey serves distributors and end users in several different industries and is constantly developing cutting-edge products. In addition, iKey can provide ideal solutions for original equipment manufacturers and can customize any of its products to meet its customers’ specific needs.

A large part of our business is customized keyboards. All keyboards from iKey are fully customizable.  Our in-house engineers and design staff are available to you. The ultimate in keyboards is a keyboard designed specifically to your business. Our technology provides real return on investment and real value. Ask us about “real customized” and “real ROI.”

What is “real fast?”   We ship quickly. Standard product is available to ship usually within 7 business days.

Built For Your Application

iKey products are the most durable and reliable, rugged solutions available for harsh conditions in industrial settings. Working with iKey and our products offers you many important advantages:

    • Industrial durability ratings ranging from NEMA 12 to NEMA 4X, which allow for use in extremely dirty, dusty and greasy environments
    • Reliable waterproof and non-corrosive designs that will last up to 10 years in harsh settings
    • Nineteen readily available language layouts to accommodate international customers
    • Customizable function keys that provide flexibility for specialized applications
    • An ability to withstand extreme temperatures that permits function in freezers, heat-sensitive areas, and other severe environments
    • Low-profile keys that allow for efficient cleaning, reduced disinfection time and protection against cross contamination
    • Backlit keys that allow employees to optimize performance while working in low-light environments
    • Polycarbonate and stainless steel cases available to meet custom preferences
    • Small footprint designs that increase mobility
    • Standard mounting patterns that fit most keyboard mounts for easy integration into existing systems, including VESA
    • More specialized features that cater to our medical, military, emergency response, industrial and material-handling end users
    • Multiple mounting options including panel mounting, VESA mounting holes, OEM models, rackdrawers and more
    • In-house talented design and engineering staff
    • Proof:  more than 20 years of iKey rugged product in the field and more than 20 years of satisfied customers

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