Employee Raves

Almost a quarter of our employees have worked with iKey for over 10 years and almost a third of our employees have worked with us for over five years in executive, production, sales support, and all types of roles. We’ll let them tell you about it.

Jim Mayo – Former Operations Manager

“I worked as an executive in finance and operations at iKey for over eight years, and it is the best place I have ever worked. This company rewards people for their contributions both financially and with greater and greater responsibility.   iKey cares about my professional development, my family, and me. Every job has ups and downs, but I truly enjoyed every day at iKey.”

Courtney Schmierer-Davis – International Sales Account Manager and Former Operations Manager

“I just graduated from UT in the Spring of 2014 and have already traveled to London, Greece, and Germany on business trips. I have been given more responsibility than I could have ever dreamed possible. I thought that I wanted to be a lawyer, but the work here is so rewarding that my career focus is now on staying here and developing professionally at iKey.”

Tony Gamez – Shipping

“I have worked in Shipping at iKey for more than 20 years.There is always something new coming up and I love the keyboards we make. I am never bored, and the love the fast pace. It is great that the iKey owner takes me to a Spurs’ game every year. We have had great parties every December and how great are the free weekly lunches! I have great benefits. Most of all, I love the people at iKey.”