How to Choose the Right Keyboard Maker- iKey®

There are only a handful of manufacturers in the world which make truly customized rugged keyboards and peripherals.

What’s important about choosing a manufacturer and why customers choose iKey® is two-fold:  what we do and what we won’t do when we work on a project.

It is our goal to use our experience and know-how on each keyboard project we take on for military customers. We have over 20 years of experience with products in the field;  it’s our job to deliver the right product to our customer– one that is proven and fits the application perfectly. “Real Customized” is our real commitment to each customer.  Confidentiality is another plus when you choose iKey.  Note that this is why you won’t see many customized keyboard photos on our web site.  We respect the type of work we do and we respect our customers’ needs for privacy.

Here’s What We Do:

    • You will have a dedicated, experienced sales engineer as your main point of contact for each step of the project, by phone, email, teleconference and in-person when necessary
    • We provide in-house rugged engineering and design staff who will make the best recommendations for you
    • Rigorous testing is part and parcel of our work with you, as well as demo keyboards for testing
    • You can rely on confidentiality and the highest level of trust

Here’s What We Won’t Do:

    • We won’t take this responsibility lightly, nor shuffle you to voicemail or send generic status updates
    • We won’t skimp on materials nor design; we will tell you the truth about what your solution needs
    • We with won’t deliver a product without adequate testing

Red LED backlighting, for ambient light and night time work.

SLK-102-USB 1

What Can You Customize with iKey?

    • Backlighting color and levels
    • Dimensions
    • Tolerances (EMI, Nightvision)
    • Weight
    • Material
    • Connectivity
    • Function keys
    • Emergency functions
    • Languages
    • Pointing devices and trackballs
    • MilSpec connectors
    • Displays
    • Mice
    • Other peripherals
    • And more

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