Samsung DeX™ Plus iKey Peripherals

Ideal for Police Vehicles, this solution is a perfect “wow.”  iKey®‘s larger display and keyboards are a perfect match for the Galaxy S9/S10 Phones and the new Samsung DeX™ cable. The DeX turns any display into a full desktop experience, with full access to your Samsung phone.

Ideal for users of Samsung Galaxy Phones S9/S10 and a Samsung DeX, with iKey® peripherals.

iKey is thrilled to be part of the most modern solution for public safety and law enforcement vehicles.   Take a look at the Samsung DeX, the new docking station that lets your transfer data or files easily. Samsung DeX allows you to stay productive anywhere, and the right keyboard makes for the optimum solution.  For the keyboard, iKey offers up bluetooth and other options including the SB-87-TP-M and BT-870-TP.  This photo features our new iKey 11.6″ monitor and SB-87-TP-M. (Photo taken by Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, courtesy of Samsung Americas-Public Safety. Mounting by RAM Mounts.)

The Samsung DeX™ station is designed to connect the Galaxy S9 or S10 smartphone to any HDMI-output monitor, creating a rich desktop-like experience. When paired with the BT-870-TP keyboard and a 13.3” flat panel display from iKey, IK-KV-13.3W, the police vehicle has a workstation that rivals any desktop solution.

This photo features the iKey and Samsung DeX solution from a Samsung Public Safety event in Florida recently. Thanks to Travis Hudson, Samsung representative!

The BT-870-TP is fully sealed and made of industrial silicone rubber, built to IP67 standards.  It is a ‘wired and wireless in one’ which allows for connectivity via USB or Bluetooth.  It has an integrated touch pad and integrated battery. The keyboard is compact, at 2 lbs, and 2.03″ depth. The compact size makes this keyboard highly portable.  For an even slimmer profile, take a look at our SLIM model, BT-870-TP-SLIM, which comes in at 0.85″ depth.  Red backlighting makes either keyboard ideal for ambient light or nighttime. And dual connectivity gives you confidence that your device will work every time.

Photo below, IK-SAM-AT attachable keyboard from iKey with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Tablet(April 2019):

Mounting by: RAM Mounts

New in 2018-19: New Look for the DeX System:  DeX cable

Quick links to iKey dual connectivity keyboards:

Samsung DeX™ can turn any display or TV screen into a computer screen. This is ideal for public safety vehicles, hotel rooms, your home office, and more.   For a 13.3″ flat panel display, consider iKey’s rugged iKeyVision IK-KV-13.3

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This photo is from one of our Samsung reps, Reg Jones at the Connect 2018 show, displaying the DeX solution with an iKey display 13.3″ and iKey keyboard.


Also, see the Samsung DeX as an in-vehicle solution with iKey’s keyboard  in an article on, November 2017

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