Every Getac Tablet Sale Demands an iKey® Keyboard

Ideal for Police/ Law Enforcement Vehicles, the new dual connectivity iKey keyboard is a perfect match for the Getac F110 for rugged tablet users.  Add an iKey 13.3″ display, too, for customers using a Getac Notebook solution.


iKey is thrilled to be part of the most modern solution for public safety and law enforcement vehicles.  When you think about it, every Getac rugged tablet sale is a potential sale for a rugged keyboard from iKey.  Your customer will be evaluating a keyboard at some point, so why not propose it early, and look at iKey’s line up of rugged keyboards.  The focus on mobile has never been bigger; now is the time to show your customers the best mobile solution.  Even if your customer decides to upgrade the computer some day, the rugged accessories from iKey still apply, adding no extra cost to the upgrade per vehicle, and the mounting in the vehicle also remains, which represents a big cost savings to a department.

Two selling situations for police vehicles:

    1. Police car using Getac Tablet, with added on iKey keyboard. (above illustration)
    2. Police car using Getac Notebook, with the unit sitting in the trunk where it’s cool, and the user has an iKey display 13.3″ and iKey keyboard mounted in the front seat. See illustration below:

iKey’s displays and keyboards are easy to mount by professionals like Gamber Johnson.

New to our offering is the dual connectivity (USB and Bluetooth) BT-870-TP.

The BT-870-TP is fully sealed and made of industrial silicone rubber, built to IP67 standards.  It is a ‘wired and wireless in one’ which allows for connectivity via USB or Bluetooth.  It has an integrated touch pad and integrated battery. The keyboard is compact, at 2 lbs, and 2.03″ depth. The compact size makes this keyboard highly portable.  For an even slimmer profile, take a look at our SLIM model, BT-870-TP-SLIM, which comes in at 0.85″ depth.  Red backlighting makes either keyboard ideal for ambient light or nighttime. And dual connectivity gives you confidence that your device will work every time.


Quick links to iKey dual connectivity keyboards:

For a 13.3″ flat panel display, to be mounted in vehicle, consider iKey’s rugged iKeyVision IK-KV-13.3

13.3-Inch ieyVision Flat Panel Touch Screen Display

The IK-KV-13.3W is a 13-inch iKeyVision monitor that provides you with a wide view display and a two-point capacitive touch screen. Formed from molded aluminium it is built to hold up in any environment and boasts a 1000-nit display. In addition, the IK-KV-13.3 has a standard VESA pattern for mounting in a vehicle.

Two-Point Capacitive Touch Screen
4 USB 2.0 ports
Anti-glare coating


Other keyboards for this solution include: IK-88-TP and the dual connectivity keyboard in slim profile,  BT-870-TP-SLIM

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