iKey® makes several rugged, backlit keyboards designed exclusively for use with the custom Havis mount (# C-KBM-201). These keyboard solutions are mainly for public safety vehicles.

Link: www.havisproducts.com/products/DEVMT_KYBRD_UNVMT-124465-911.html

Mobile computing gets even easier with a truly rugged, mountable keyboard designed specifically for the custom mount from Havis. We designed these keyboards specifically with the Havis mount in mind. Havis and iKey bring you mobile solutions that are easy, mobile, rugged and affordable.  You know you are getting a high quality, long-lasting solution when you work with Havis and iKey. And, Havis installs worldwide.

For purchase info, please contact your Havis sales rep or iKey’s sales team at 512-837-0283, or use our Contact page. 

Havis Part #     iKey Part # and Description

KB-106                 SB-87-TP-HM-USB from iKey. Wired keyboard with Havis mount features.

KB-102                 SB-87-TP-M-USB-UK from iKey. Wired keyboard with Havis mount, features UK layout.

KB-103                 BT-870-TP-HM from iKey. Dual connectivity keyboard (Bluetooth, USB) with Havis mount.

KB-104                 IK-TR-911-FP from iKey. Full travel keyboard with integrated finger print reader and Havis mount.

KB-105                 IK-TR-911-RED from iKey. Full travel keyboard with USB ports and Havis mount features.

SB-87-TP-M-USB (#KB-106) Designed to fit Havis mount




More about the Havis custom mount (C-KBM-201)

iKey makes several backlit keyboards designed to fit C-KBM-201

Product Details:

  • Patented Havis Rugged keyboard mount
  • Designed to mount Havis rugged USB backlit keyboards (5 keyboards from iKey)
  • Front-access trigger permits easy fore/aft adjustment within a range of 3.875″
  • Easily remove the keyboard using our unique quick-release push button
  • Made of high performance pc-ABS thermoplastics resulting in outstanding strength, heat resistance, feature definition, and surface finish
  • Primary mounting plate is glass fiber polymer reinforced for extra durability
  • Mounting : VESA 75 at bottom of keyboard mount
  • Use C-ADP-112 if mounting to flex arm mount


  • Dimensions: 9.2″ ( 23.4 cm) h x 6.4″ ( 16.3 cm ) w x 1.4″ ( 3.6 cm ) d
  • Testing: Vibration Testing: MIL-STD 810G 514.5, crash test: SAE J1455 30mph Crash Testing, environmental testing: hot/cold operational & storage
  • Product weight: 1.0 lbs. (0.45 kg)
  • Gross Weight: 2.00 lbs

IK-TR-911 (KB-105) from iKey, with red backlighting and emergency key

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