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iKey Announces Shipping of New PS/2 Barrier
July 17, 2019

iKey Announces Release and Shipping of New PS/2 Barrier – 6/24/19

AS ORIGINALLY DISTIRBUTED BY PR NEWSWIRE. Austin, Texas – iKey, LTD announces shipping and availability of its new PS/2 Barrier, which is an in-line isolator connection between an off-site PC and IS keyboard or PS/2 pointing device, providing an Intrinsically Safe solution. It is FM-approved and built to meet Class I, II, III, Division 1, Group A-G requirements. The item number is: PS2-IS-Barrier.

See it online: https://www.ikey.com/product/ps2-is-barrier/

The PS2-IS-Barrier isolation is provided between the host PC and the keyboard or PS/2 pointing device, as well as the signal and power supply connections on the hazardous location side. This Isolator is now being shipped with all IS and NI keyboards from iKey.

For all types of manufacturers and energy companies, the isolation barrier is necessary to meet requirements for non-incendive and intrinsically-safe computer peripherals in their plants.

This solution is available for shipping in North America.  For more information, contact us at: 512-837-0283, or email: info@ikey.com, or visit our website.

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About iKey

iKey, LTD (www.ikey.com) is THE rugged peripherals industry leader and manufacturer located in Austin, Texas. The company designs and customizes rugged keyboards, mice, pointing devices and displays for many segments including power/energy/utilities, industrial manufacturing, public safety, medical, fleet, mobile and kiosk. iKey manufactures and distributes its rugged peripherals directly and through global distributors and value-added resellers. iKey designs and assembles at its corporate office in Austin, Texas. iKey has been in business for more than 30 years and the company manufactures products that are “Real Tough for Real Life.”™

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Source: iKey, LTD

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