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Refresh Motorola In-Vehicle Displays and Keyboards with iKey’s Rugged IK-KV Display and Keyboard
September 1, 2016

News from Scott Morris, our Technical Sales Engineer & Expert on In-Vehicle Computer Solutions

Refresh Motorola MW810 Displays and Keyboards with iKey’s Rugged IK-KV-12.1 Touchscreen Display and Transformer Keyboard

iKey announces refresh and replacement of Motorola MW810 In-Vehicle Mountable Display and Keyboard with iKey Rugged Keyboard and Display.

Police departments using Motorola’s MW810 system can replace these End-of-Life displays and keyboards with iKey’s new IK-KV-12.1 Display and Transformer Keyboard, with minimal change in form factor and functionality. Motorola recently released this End-of-Life statement for the MW810. The display also comes in  a 13.3″ size.

iKey offers full support and maintenance for its compatible detachable keyboard and display.  Keep in mind, the iKey display can be paired with any tablet computer your police staff may be using.

“Police departments need the best rugged computer peripherals. They need fail-proof.  The keyboard and display need to work perfectly, every day, all the time.  And police staff need support when something does need repair. If the MW810 is not going to be supported in the future, iKey wants to provide police departments with a reliable alternative,” explains Scott Morris, Technical Sales Engineer for iKey.

The refresh and replacement effort includes full support of the product and fast shipping.  The IK-KV-12.1″ (or- 13.3″) flat panel display is easy to mount in a police vehicle in minutes. Typically, iKey can ship the product within seven business days.

If you are managing an I.T. upgrade/refresh for your police department and need details, please contact Scott Morris at: scottm@ikey.com or call: 512 837-0283.

iKey’s IK-KV-12.1 display + keyboard

Refresh the MW810 with iKey keyboard and display

The IK-KV 12.1 Flat Panel Display from iKey

Source: Scott Morris, iKey

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