iKey®‘s in-house repair team is dedicated to resolving product issues. Our trained staff will evaluate the problem within the first few days of receiving the return. If they have difficulty determining the problem they will personally contact the customer to troubleshoot, or collaborate with iKey’s expert engineers until a solution is found. iKey maintains a one-year warranty on all products, excepting OEM products, which hold a 90-day warranty. To submit a request for repair, please see the following guidelines:

    • Please complete the RMA form with your name, return address, phone number, fax number, and model and serial number to be repaired.
    • In the Description of Problem section, please thoroughly explain the problem each unit is experiencing.
    • When shipping unit(s), please use the RMA printout as a packing slip and return it to 2621 Ridgepoint Dr, Ste 235, Austin, TX 78754. You will be contacted with an RMA number. Please keep a record of your RMA number for referencing. Units will be returned by the same shipping method they are received.
    • You will be notified by phone or fax of any charges incurred in the repairs. Units will NOT be repaired until payment is received by either a purchase order or a credit card number.
    • Please call  512-837-0283 if you have any questions.