BT-870-TP-SLIM Dual Connectivity

New February 2017. The BT-870-TP-SLIM keyboard by iKey® is our new dual connectivity keyboard. Connect with USB or Bluetooth®. This keyboard has a built-in touchpad and is made of industrial silicone rubber. This keyboard is the thinner profile version of our new BT-870-TP keyboard.

This fully-sealed keyboard is designed to meet IP67 and NEMA 4X specifications, meaning it is resistant to dirt, dust, water, ice and corrosives. Built with an industrial silicone rubber keypad and a rugged ABS polycarbonate case, the BT-870-TP-SLIM is easy to clean with disinfectants. The compact design and internal Bluetooth® module make the BT-870-TP-SLIM highly portable. In addition, its red LED backlighting is ideal for nighttime or ambient-light use.

  • A MicroUSB cable is included to recharge the keyboard and turn it into a wired USB keyboard when necessary.
  • Includes 75mm VESA and 1.188” x 1.5” AMPS mounting patterns
  • Thin profile, ideal for easy storage

BT-870-TP-SLIM is an ideal fit for mobile, material handling, food and beverage processing, medical, and other environments where rugged flexibility and/or wireless connection is a necessity. It is rated IP67.

New! See the video:


The BT-870-TP-SLIM is available for immediate order.

Other models: BT-870-TP regular profile

See this keyboard in a Samsung Dex solution:


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