17-Inch Touchscreen Flat Panel Display with USB over Ethernet Support

Incorporating an industry first USB over Ethernet server, iKey®’s 17 inch display eliminates the clutter, routing frustration, and extra cost associated with traditional KVM and extender setups. Utilizing the built in USB server feature and an open RJ45 port on a host computer or switch, the FP17-PMT-RJ45 will enable you to transmit both video and USB signals up to 300 feet using a single Ethernet cable. The display has 3 built-in USB ports to support additional peripherals.

The FP-17-PMT-RJ45 features 350 nits of brightness, a stainless steel front bezel, optional NEMA 4X sealed USB front port, and an optional resistive touch screen. It is rated NEMA 4X, making the unit a durable solution that resists, corrosion, dust, water, and ice.

To learn more, visit our USB Server Display video on YouTube’s iKeyKeyBoard Channel:
Click Here

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