Gamber-Johnson 7160-0799

Gamber-Johnson 7160-0799

Vehicle Solution

This Gamber-Johnson Tablet Keyboard Mount can be placed on any Gamber-Johnson Upper Pole, Motion Attachment or “smiley face” pattern found on a MCS Console System (ordered separately) allowing flexibility in how you want to place the keyboard in a vehicle.

Placement: Attaches to the back of the any Gamber-Johnson Tablet Docking Stations and Cradles using the 75mm VESA pattern

Weight: 4.25 lbs

Dimensions: 6.1″ H x 5.8″ W x 10.0″ D


  • Attaches to the back of any Gamber-Johnson Tablet Docking Stations and Cradles using the 75mm  VESA pattern
  • Compatible with Xplore Tablet
  • Compatible with most iKey® Keyboard models
  • A tension handle is used to secure the keyboard to the tray and allows the keyboard to be rotated to an ergonomic position and locked into place.
  • Keyboard can be tilted down 10° for working or 90° vertically when stowed; adjustable handle secures keyboard at the desired position
  • Heavy gauge steel and aluminum construction for long-term durability
  • Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Gamber-Johnson Limited Lifetime Warranty

Contact us about this kit from Gamber-Johnson, or we can refer you to them directly.

  • Product CodeGamber-Johnson 7160-0799
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