Gamber-Johnson 7170-0514

Vehicle Solution

7170-0514 This is Gamber-Johnson’s most versatile tablet display mounting kit featuring independent rotation for your keyboard and tablet.

-Rotate your tablet, swivel 360 degrees

-In low or bright settings, quickly tilt your tablet forward or back, so it’s easy to read

-Quick-release keyboard tray tilts as well

What’s Included?

Your kit comes with: independent tablet display mount (7160-0761) and mount base (7160-0758), Mongoose motion attachment (7160-0220), and a quick release keyboard tray (7160-0757).


  • Can be mounted on either a Gamber-Johnson upper pole or directly to a console box (mission control system) with a “smiley face” pattern.
  • Rotate the tablet and keyboard independent of each other.
  • Quick release keyboard comes with built-in optional heavy-duty key lock to keep the keyboard from being removed.
  • Can be used with any tablet or tablet docking station with a VESA 75mm hole pattern.
  • Can be tilted up to 160 degrees down from the dashboard so you have access to controls on the instrument panel.
  • Has four mounting positions to accommodate various sizes of tablets and docking stations
  • Limited lifetime warranty from Gamber-Johnson


  • Height: 14.4″ (36.6 cm) to 16.0″ (40.6cm); Width: 7.5″ (19.1cm); Depth: 14.4″ (36.6 cm)

Contact us at iKey® and we can coordinate with Gamber-Johnson, or refer you to them directly for your project.

  • Product Code7170-0514
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