For all your needs, from material handling and forklift mounting to cold storage, iKey® is the perfect partner for rugged keyboards and other peripherals.


iKey has ideal mobile and compact solutions, perfect complements to Zebra’s barcoding technology and data entry solutions.

DP-72. Oversize buttons on this mobile keyboard from iKey.

Thank you for visiting us from Modern Materials Handling magazine’s website. You’ve just found the best choice in advanced technology for rugged peripherals.  iKey’s products are used by some of the largest and well-known industrial manufacturers and food & beverage makers across the globe. We’ve highlighted a few products for you here, and you can browse our product catalog for all types of options.  Keep in mind we customize, too.

Need oversize buttons for a gloved hand AND a small keyboard? iKey has the solution for you, the iKey DP-72 Small Footprint with Oversize Keypad. Perfect for gloved hands.  This mobile keyboard was designed for use on mobile carts, on forklift and any environment with material handling and/or heavy manufacturing. Sealed from dust, dirt, liquid and corrosives, and features an oversize numeric pad. Made with industrial polycarbonate case and sealed industrial silicone keys. This keyboard also features in-case mounting holes making forklift mounting easy.

Perfect for Remote Data Entry, with Small Footprint and Epoxy Keycaps


Key’s innovative SL-91 mobile keyboard was designed to accommodate rugged applications in manufacturing, material handling, and remote data entry. Its unique epoxy-coated keys are arranged for convenient gloved-hand use. It features a small-footprint design, mounting holes in its case and a 10-key numeric pad. Like other keyboards in the iKey line, the SL-91 is constructed using a robust polycarbonate case and industrial silicone keypad, sealing it from dust, liquids and corrosives.

24 Function Keys
Built-In Mounting Holes
Integrated 10-Key Numeric Pad
Integrated Backlighting
Lightweight ABS Polycarbonate Case

SkinnyBoard™ Mobile Keyboard with Touchpad Measures only 0.5″ Deep


The SkinnyBoard™ SB-87-TP is iKey’s thinnest keyboard to date, measuring only half an inch deep. Its sealed, streamlined case and silicone rubber keys meet IP65 standards, making it fully resistant to spills, cleaning procedures and the elements. Built for convenience and versatility in mobile computing applications, the SB-87-TP features an integrated touchpad, eliminating the need for an external pointing device. In addition, its red LED backlighting is ideal for nighttime or ambient-light use.

To learn more, visit our SB-87-TP video on YouTube’s iKeyKeyboard Channel:
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12 Function Keys
Fully Sealed, IP65 Case
Integrated Touchpad
Silicone Rubber
Red LED Backlit Keys
USB Connectivity
Ultra-Thin Design

Need a Touchpad with Force Sensing Resistor?


Say hello to the DU-5K, designed to meet NEMA 4X specifications. It features an ABS polycarbonate case, 116 keys including 24 function keys, and a Force Sensing Resistor pointing device. These features make the DU-5K a total solution in one convenient package.

Fully Mobile?


Transformer Keyboard: Fully Mobile, the IK-TR-911 is designed to fit into existing mobile mounting systems.  Fully sealed and resistant to dust, dirt and spills that other keyboards cannot withstand.

Need Mobile and Compact?

Mobile and Compact IK-77-FSR

iKey’s IK-77-FSR is a compact and mobile keyboard that is designed for efficient use in warehouse and factory environments. The IK-77-FSR can also be mounted into forklifts or other work vehicles. Like other keyboards in iKey’s line, it is built with an industrial silicone rubber body and meets NEMA 4X specifications. This means it is resistant to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and humidity. This keyboard features an upgraded force sensing resistor pointing device that offers improved sensitivity and increased durability for easy navigation on your device. Features Red LED backlight Industrial silicone rubber 12 function keys. (Size: 8.25″ x 4.75 x 0.66″)

Delivery? Keep in mind iKey ships standard products within 2 to 7 business days.
Your contact at iKey for information and price quotations is Ryan Night at 512-837-0283.

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