iKey® is your #1 source for OEM rugged peripherals such as keyboards and pointing devices you can incorporate into your military drones and flight control systems.


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  • Standard product usually ships within 2-7 days.
  • iKey has the highest level of design and engineering for rugged keyboards and other peripherals including pointing devices, mice and displays.
  • iKey products are being used in the field today across the globe, in aerospace and with defense contractors. When you call our sales team, we can share our knowledge and help you navigate backlighting, decide on function keys and FSR pointing devices and talk to you how to integrate our products into your solutions. Many keyboard language options are already standard at iKey.
  • We have experienced design engineers on staff and when you call, a real person will answer the phone.
  • Need really custom? We do that, too. “Real Customized” with iKey means we work with you and build to order for your exact specifications.

Featured iKey products for military drones



HP-1330 Industrial Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device

The HP-1330 is a smaller, compact version of our regular Force Sensing Resistor. The two-button device offers the versatility and convenience of the Force Sensing Resistor but in a compact version to suit unique needs for military drone operations. The sealed design means the HP-1330 is dustproof, waterproof and non-corrosive.

OEM Kit: PCB, rubber overlay, and cable
USB and PS/2 configurations available

SL-75-OEM-USB  OEM Compact Keyboard by iKey

The compact SL-75-OEM is excellent for integration into industrial, aerospace and mobile applications. This rugged keyboard is designed to meet NEMA 4X specifications when properly installed. The SL-75-OEM kit includes an industrial silicone rubber pad, board and cable. The SL-75-OEM features red LED backlit keys for use in areas with minimal lighting and 75 keys, including 12 function keys. See more: SL-75-OEM

Red Backlit Keys
USB, PS/2 and AT/serial configurations available

SL-86-911-OEM  iKey Compact, Rugged Keyboard & Pointing Device


The SL-86-911-OEM offers both a rugged keyboard and rugged computer pointing device in one compact package. Ideal for public safety applications, it features a specially designed emergency key that, when pressed, sends a signal of Shift+F1 and lights up for 30 seconds. Compactly designed with mounting holes, the SL-86-911 -OEM fits securely in a vehicle’s console to ensure efficiency as a mobile application. It is designed to meet NEMA 4X specifications when properly sealed, ensuring that this keyboard is sealed against the elements or unwanted spills. See more:  SL-86-911-OEM

86-Key Functionality
Integrated Backlighting
Integrated Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device
OEM Kit: PCB, rubber overlay, and cable
One-Touch Emergency Key
USB and PS/2 configurations available

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