Military Flight Simulators and Flight Safety Trainers Use iKey®Rugged Keyboards for the Best Training

Hi-Tech Flight Simulator

iKey aids in flight safety and training with flight simulation rugged products including keyboards, pointing devices, trackballs and displays. iKey’s keyboards such as the DU-5K-TP2-USB keyboard are often used for helicopter flight training, flight simulation, and many other military-related simulations.

Defense contractors, military organizations and aerospace companies consistently look to iKey for their simulation training. These are the same iKey rugged keyboards installed in the actual airplanes and helicopters. If you are working on a simulation project, contact us at 512-837-0283 to find out what other companies have used for solutions and use our expertise and experience.

Most iKey keyboards have many options for overlays and language layouts. Keyboards for flight simulators tend to be highly customized, and we build from the ground up, so let us know your exact specifications! iKey is ideal for this type of work.

Most common iKey keyboards for military, aerospace and simulation training include: DU-5KDU-5K-FSRDU-5K-TP2-USB and SLK-880-FSR