Military and Defense Contractors Choose iKey Keyboards to Operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Here’s why:

There is no better choice than a rugged iKey keyboard to manage your drone and larger military unmanned aircraft.  In 1989, iKey created the rugged keyboard industry and we have been setting the standard for military keyboards and military peripherals ever since.

iKey understands that in the military, the most important demands are mobility and durability, and that with military applications, failure is not an option. Our first customer, 28 years ago, was a military customer, and we still work with them today. Unmanned aircraft vehicles bring unique needs and working conditions, and iKey’s engineering meets those challenges perfectly.

Benefit from iKey’s expertise

Three products that are being used with UAS include: iKey SL-86 keyboard for a subsea tech project, managing underwater drones, our HP-1330 pointing device, and the iKey SLK-102-461 milspec keyboard.

Having worked with military OEMs and installations around the world, iKey is skilled at accommodating the unique demands of our military customers, and we have the engineering expertise to create the highly customized products you need. We produce thousands of customized rugged keyboards every year, packaging the need for mobility and durability with models that are waterproof, wireless, wearable and more. In addition to being rugged and resistant to environmental contaminants, iKey’s keyboards are available with the convenience of multiple LED backlight colors, including NVIS-compatible options, to ensure effective operability day or night. The UAS category brings unique needs and working conditions, and iKey’s engineering meets those challenges perfectly.

Please note, we can customize to a specific customer wish list. If we can’t meet your needs with our existing product line, then we will work to build a solution for you.

    • Over 28 years of proof in the field
    • Ready to order products ship within 3-5 days
    • All products are built to meet IP 65 or higher and NEMA 4X standards
    • NVIS compatibility and MIL STD options
    • Lifetime support and repairs
    • Small order? No problem. We can ship under 1 unit just as easily as 1,000

What is a UAV/ UAS?

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS); which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two.

HP-1330 Industrial Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device

The HP-1330 is a smaller, compact version of our regular Force Sensing Resistor. The two-button device offers the versatility and convenience of the Force Sensing Resistor but in a compact version to suit unique needs for military drone operations. The sealed design means the HP-1330 is dustproof, waterproof and non-corrosive.

OEM Kit: PCB, rubber overlay, and cable
USB and PS/2 configurations available


“Real Customized” is the term we use to describe our capabilities to design a keyboard or full solution just for you. iKey has specific features built into our industrial manufacturing peripherals, and our keyboards are designed to meet IP65 specifications or higher. And for further customization, you can use our experience and knowledge to build a product that is customized to your exact needs; change backlighting, size, weight, function keys and more. We hand build our first-class products in the United States and we build to order, to ensure the highest quality, every time. Our in-house designers and engineers are at the top of their field. Contact us to get started on a project for you. Or choose from one of our specially designed, ready to order industrial solutions.


KEYBOARDS: What’s important to consider for use in industrial settings?

1. Fully sealed to meet IP65 specifications or higher

2. Durability for extreme environments

3. Mobile

4. Functionality in a wide range of temperatures

5. Spaced keys for easy typing and accurate keystrokes with gloved use

6. Backlighting for easy use in low light environments

7. Complete solutions with Integrated Pointing Devices.

8. NVIS compatibility and MIL STD options.


iKey has solutions for every industrial application


– WEARABLE in the field

– IN-VEHICLE: Armored vehicle, helicopter, plane, ship







  • SLK-880-FSR


    Backlit Military Keyboard
  • SLP-88-461


    Panel Mount Compact Backlit Keyboard