Perhaps You Heard iKey’s Courtney at One of the Break-Out Sessions at the Xplore Event?

Welcome to iKey’s website.  If you are reading this page you must have been in the break-out session with Courtney Schmierer-Davis.

Please take some time to browse our website and product catalog.  Start with our backlit military keyboard, SLK-880-FSR –a popular iKey® stand-by.

Standard product typically ships within 7 business days. And please keep in mind, we customize.  To get a quote for standard product or a customized project, you can contact Courtney by using our Quote form or Contact Us form.

Here are some short notes from our hand-out:

The Rugged Keyboard Authority– Xplore is the Rugged Tablet Authority (celebrating 20 years) and iKey is the ideal partner and Rugged Keyboard Authority around the world.  iKey’s keyboards and peripherals are built to IP65 and above certifications. The iKey Keyboard is the perfect complement to every Xplore tablet sale. iKey is the premium, proven rugged peripheral choice. When your customer buys a rugged tablet, he/she needs a keyboard at IP 65 or higher that can withstand the same tough conditions. (Our keyboards have been in the market since 1989.)

Short Lead Times: iKey ships standard keyboards and peripherals within 7 business days – We can usually ship within one week.  iKey’s keyboards and peripherals are built to IP65 and higher, ideal for satisfying many hazardous environment work conditions.

Add more money in your pocket with no extra work – You are providing total solutions to your customer.  Adding theiKey Rugged Keyboard to an existing Xplore Tablet sale makes sense, and extra profit dollars with no increase in work. This is solution sales at its best!

MOQ – Low minimums create sales– If iKey already has the language in production, minimum keyboard purchase is 1 piece.  If it’s a new language for iKey, the minimum is only 20 pieces. 

Extensive Website with Product information and Fast Quotes – Use our photos, product data sheets, and website information easily; your customer will find our website useful

Product & Sales Support on the Phone – Call or email us and a real person will answer. We have a fast turn-around on request-for-quotes. Contact Courtney at: (011) 512 837 0283  and

We are excited to get started, what can we do for you today?