No matter what the CPU, tablet or notebook, an iKey® keyboard is vital to the mobile solution you are selling now

Think about it:  Every rugged tablet brings an opportunity to add on a rugged keyboard. Your public safety customer is going to evaluate keyboards at some point, to pair with an RuggOn tablet, so why not propose the iKey keyboard up front and earn that additional revenue and commission?

iKey and RuggOn have had a great selling relationship over the years. And with the heightened need for mobile solutions, now is the best time to be selling RuggOn rugged tablets and iKey accessories.  By doing so, you offer your customer an ideal, cost-effective solution and you make extra profit.

A Tablet in the Front, or Notebook in the Trunk? They Need iKey

iKey has solutions for your customer whether they are running a RuggOn tablet, or they have a laptop in the trunk, and want to work on a larger display and keyboard in the front seat. And if the customer changes or upgrades the computer at some point, the keyboard, display and mounting do not need to be changed, which saves the customer money. RuggOn + iKey is a true solution that makes sense.

What can you  sell? How about iKey’s new dual connectivity BT-870-TP.  Connect with USB or Bluetooth®. This keyboard has a built-in touchpad and is made of industrial silicone rubber. This fully-sealed keyboard is designed to meet IP67 and NEMA 4X specifications, meaning it is resistant to dirt, dust, water, ice and corrosives. Built with an industrial silicone rubber keypad and a rugged ABS polycarbonate case, the BT-870-TP is easy to clean with disinfectants.

BT-870-TP is an ideal fit for mobile solutions. iKey also has a thinner, SLIM profile for this keyboard, BT-870-TP-SLIM. Another popular police keyboard choice is IK-88-TP, a full travel keyboard from iKey.

Is Your Police Customer Running Off a Notebook in the Trunk? Perfect. Offer iKey’s Rugged Displays, at 12.1″ or 13.3″

Again, think about “Solution Selling.” If your customer wants a larger display and wants to work off accessories, iKey’s keyboards and displays are perfect for moutning in vehicle. Choose from 12.1″ or 13.3″ display. Fully mountable.

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The IK-KV-13.3W is a 13-inch iKeyVision monitor that provides you with a wide view display and a two-point capacitive touch screen. Formed from molded aluminium it is built to hold up in any environment and boasts a 1000-nit display. In addition, the IK-KV-13.3 has a standard VESA pattern for mounting in a vehicle.

4 USB 2.0 ports
Anti-glare coating

Please keep in mind these solutions are a fit for public safety vehicles and truly, any vehicle where reliable and rugged is needed.