The IK-SAM-AT keyboard is unique– the tablet snaps into the keyboard. The iKey® keyboard has a quick release button, it’s rugged, and provides an excellent typing experience.

Mobile computing gets even easier with an attachable keyboard designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab Active2 tablet. The Galaxy Tab Active2 is ideal for fleet, forklifts, utilities, point of sale and industrial use. If you are looking for an economical, highly functional tablet and keyboard, then the new Galaxy Tab Active2 and iKey® keyboard is for you.

Attachable keyboard for Galaxy Tab Active2 Rugged Tablet — the tablet snaps in place easily.


    • A USB-C Charging port for charging the tablet without needing to remove the tablet
    • Standard red backlighting, with Green and NVIS options
    • Designed to meet IP54 specifications
    • Includes Samsung S pen holder
    • Integrated pointing device with left and right mouse buttons

See our news release from 2018

Available for order through: iKey, Samsung and your regular I.T. reseller/distributor.  See our product page for all the specs.

To read about our other Samsung collaboration, the Samsung DeX with iKey keyboard and display, see the article in from November 2017 or visit our web page.

Snap-on Keyboard for Samsung Tab Active2 Tablet

Where can you use the Tab Active2 and iKey keyboard? Everywhere!

The tablet snaps into place easily. The unique keyboard is IK-SAM-AT from iKey.

  • Public Safety Vehicles
  • Medical Carts + Rooms
  • Port +Ships
  • Cold Storage/Frozen/ Food/Bev Mfg
  • Utility + Rail Companies
  • Industrial/ Inventory Control/ Warehouse + Receiving
  • Construction Site
  • Fleet + All Logistics
  • Retail

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Rugged Tablet Is for Truly Mobile Business Customers Like You:

  • Public Safety – highly mobile needs for Police car, EMS, Fire, First Responder
  • Industrial – handheld useful in many areas of production and warehouse, inventory control, warehousing and receiving
  • Utility – highly desirable, mobile goes where they go, from truck to field
  • Port – we see high number of inquiries for port and coast guard
  • Food & Bev Mfg– highly mobile, especially when you need waterproof
  • Retail- use by staff for receiving, training and attendance
  • Medical- both cart and rooms, for staff use and patient use, mobile healthcare workers
  • Fleet- ideal for using in and out of the vehicle, especially deliveries and receiving
  • Forklift– iKey makes many keyboards that can be mounted, for use with any tablet including Galaxy Tab Active2 Rugged Tablet


Yes! Please contact me about the Galaxy Tab Active2 and iKey Attachable Keybaord, IK-SAM-AT.