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SLK-102-TP-FL Video
February 24, 2015

The SlimKey-MD SLK-102-TP-FL is a rugged sealed keyboard for clinical use.

The keyboard is slim and lightweight for ease of mobility. It features a full 10-key numeric pad and a GlidePoint touchpad that is even connective with medical gloves on. Take your work into the dark with red LED backlighting ideal for lab use.

This keyboard is fully sealed to protect against contamination. The keys are low profile for easy cleaning with any hospital approved disinfectant. Just spray it down, wipe it off, and keep moving.

The SlimKey-MD is backed by iKey engineering so it is rugged and long lasting. It’s NEMA 4X certified and holds up to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

For more info on the SLK-102-TP-FL visit https://www.ikey.com/product/slk-102-tp-fl/ or www.ikey.com for other iKey products.

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