iKey keyboards and displays can be found at dairy companies in production and warehousing.

The Largest Dairy Companies in the World All Have One Thing in Common: iKey

For more than 30 years, iKey has been making rugged keyboards and displays for dairy and creamery companies such as Publix, LePrino Foods, Schreiber Foods and HEB.  iKey’s peripherals are temperature-proof, humidity-proof, sealed, water-resistant and more and each keyboard has special features such as backlighting, oversize keys and epoxy keycaps.  These keyboards are sealed and help with infection control, and are easy to wipe down or spray down. What are these companies using in their production facilities? We invite you to read below:

The Top iKey Keyboards for Dairy Companies

DU-5K-TP2-USB iKey’s “Extended Temperature” Desktop Industrial Keyboard with Touchpad

DU-5K-TP2-USB  keyboard features an integrated Cirque extended temperature touchpad pointing device, with left and right-click mouse buttons underneath for additional ease of use. It is designed to meet NEMA 4X specifications. It has 116-key functionality, including 24 function keys. The mounting holes on the back further increase the unit’s versatility. Perfect for production line and warehouse receiving and shipping work areas.

24 Function Keys
Polycarbonate Case with Mounting Holes
USB and PS/2 configurations available

DT-810 Small Footprint Industrial Keyboard with FSR

The DT-810 is a small-footprint industrial keyboard featuring an integrated Force Sensing Resistor pointing device. It is fully sealed in a stainless steel case to meet NEMA 4X specifications, which means it is resistant to grease, dirt, water and corrosive liquids commonly found in industrial environments. The DT-810-FSR has 81 keys, including 12 function keys.

12 Function Keys
81-Key Functionality
Fn Key for Secondary Legend Flexibility
Industrial Silicone Rubber Keypad
Integrated Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device
USB and PS/2 configurations available

SL-91-USB   Small Footprint Keyboard with Epoxy Caps

The SL-91 offers a rugged keyboard and a rugged computer pointing device in one compact package. Ideal for public safety applications, it features a specially designed emergency key and red LED backlit keys. The SL-86-911 integrates a Force Sensing Resistor, an upgraded pointing device that offers improved sensitivity and increased durability. Featuring a compact design with mounting holes, the SL-86-911 fits securely in a vehicle’s console to serve effectively as a mobile application. It boasts a completely sealed and ruggedized construction that allows it to meet NEMA 4X specifications, ensuring that this keyboard is sealed against the elements or unwanted spills. (Available in touchpad or FSR.) Note: Some customer legacy systems may have part number SL-91-DB15 which has a specific connector, and we can supply that as well.

12 Function Keys
86-Key Functionality
PS/2 and USB or configurations available
Integrated Backlighting
Integrated Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device
One-Touch Emergency Key

DT-OM  AquaPoint™ Sealed, Industrial Mouse from iKey

Constructed using the same rugged materials that go into the entire line of iKey peripherals, the NEMA 4X AquaPoint™ industrial pointing device features a sealed industrial silicone overlay and robust polycarbonate frame. Its reliable optical technology allows it to function on most surfaces, while its smooth-surfaced buttons make the unit easy to clean. Solid-state engineering ensures the AquaPoint™ a long operating life, making the new device the ideal alternative to the office-grade mice that are so commonly replaced in harsh environment settings. 100% humidity proof. Dimensions:  2.58″ x 5″ x 1.56″ (w-h-d) or 65.5mm x 127mm x 39.6mm

Features: Comfortable, Ergonomic Design, Smooth-Surface Buttons, Solid State, Optical Tracking Technology, USB configurations available

Contact us for product information, delivery and pricing. Or, contact your normal distributor.  These are standard items for iKey and shipping can be done 3 to 5 days from order date. NEW! >>Also, please look at the new Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme Tablet and attachable iKey Keyboard, IK-DELL-AT.