AK-39 Video

The AK-39 is comfortably worn on your arm, strapped securely with velcro. It has an integrated FSR pointing device for accurate cursor movement and a snap-on faceplate that prevents accidental ...

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Cross Contamination Video

Keyboards in the medical setting are constantly used by many different hands. They can often harbor harmful bacteria and viruses that spread to other people and parts of the office.


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DBL-810-TB Video

The DBL-810-TB keyboard is your go-to keyboard for control room and integrated systems use.

This keyboard is made of a stainless steel casing and an industrial silicone rubber pad. It's ...

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Cost Comparison Video

Every year thousands of lives are lost to preventable hospital acquired infections. There are plenty of cross-contamination sources, but computer keyboards can be a top contributor, undergoing frequent use by ...

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DBL-81 Video

The DBL-81 is a compact keyboard made for mobile use in tight areas.

The keyboard features full 81-key functionality in a compact design and is available as an OEM kit. ...

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