Backed by over 30 years of experience, iKey is the go-to family-owned and -operated supplier of industry-leading forklift keyboards for clients across the globe. We design each of our keyboards for peak performance under extreme environmental conditions, including those found in cold storage, warehouse work environments and many others. This capability delivers peace of mind for businesses and allows them to enjoy maximum productivity and equipment functionality at all times.

In addition to keyboards, iKey provides cutting-edge forklift displays and numeric pads that are built to handle extreme temperatures. Handling these extreme temperatures is so important that after construction, each piece of equipment then undergoes a comprehensive series of quality tests at our facilities to ensure it meets our rigorous standards for excellence. This supreme attention to detail and commitment to maintaining top quality has established iKey as a premier innovative, global forklift keyboard manufacturer.















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We Are a Leading Forklift Keyboard Manufacturer for Warehouse and Cold Storage Environments

As a premier team of mobile computing experts, iKey is the go-to solutions provider for customers who routinely operate in warehouse or cold storage environments. In fact, many of the top 100 storage companies around the world trust the iKey team to deliver a comprehensive range of agile and durable keyboards to enhance their operations. Each of our products is designed for peak performance under extreme temperatures as well as in dirty, dusty, greasy environments. This unique feature enables our clients to reduce operational downtime while maximizing performance.

Trust our full line of durable peripherals to accompany your workforce on any job which requires them to operate in:

  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Cold storage rail cars or shipping vessels
  • Cold storage transport trucks
  • Frozen, or cold food or beverage manufacturing facilities, and more

What is Rugged?

When you see IP-65, IP-67 or higher, that’s “real rugged” technology.

Some of our most popular keyboards ideally suited for cold or warehouse environments include the SL-91, the DP-72 and many more. The SL-91’s small-footprint design crafted with a durable polycarbonate case and silicon 10-key keypad delivers unmatched performance under a wide range of rugged work conditions.

Similarly, the DP-72 is an optimal choice for businesses that require remote data entry in cold environments. The DP-72’s oversized, color-coded keyboard permits convenient gloved-hand use for a workforce operating in frigid temperatures. Additionally, each model’s durable forklift mount provides the capability for mobile data entry and network access. This feature is well-matched for a wide range of unique applications such as:

  • Inventory control
  • Shipping and receiving operations
  • Delivery truck handling
  • Transportation services for railcars and service trucks

In addition to delivering an extensive suite of advanced, world-class rugged peripherals, iKey is well-known for our unmatched, full-service customer support. Each member of our high-performance team is extensively trained and skilled in handling customer inquiries and addressing technical support issues. Our full-scope repair program, parts replacement process and upgrade capabilities offer exceptional support to our clients. We often see our keyboards in use for 10 and 20 years.

Mounting Partners:

Gamber-Johnson – The Gamber-Johnson name has become synonymous with high quality, rugged products that can withstand even the most extreme situations. These products are guaranteed and reliable, hand tested for perfect performance every single time. (

Mobile Mounts Inc. – MOBILE MOUNTS provides best-in-class vehicle mounts, docking stations, power supplies, antennas, modems and printers.Based in the Dallas, Texas area, the company has now completed 100,000+ installations spread out all over North America. (

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