Custom Keyboards & Pointing Devices

IK-TR-911-FSR Keyboard by iKey

Every keyboard we make is customized to a specific customer or customer segment.

iKey offers you a high level of customer service and highly customized keyboard solutions.

iKey’s design team is capable of creating custom, rugged keyboards specifically tailored to your needs.  Every keyboard we design meets a unique set of needs for a particular industry or customer. We have collaborated with customers to produce thousands of very specific customized keyboards for use by the military, medical manufacturers, food & beverage manufacturers, industrial manufacturers and more– with short delivery times. We welcome you to take advantage of our engineering expertise.

Interested? Please call us today at (512) 837-0283 or use our Contact form.

Customizable keyboard features include:

Layout: From specialized number pads to additional function keys, iKey can create custom layouts tailored to any application.

Language: iKey has created custom key legends in over 20 languages, including:

Arabic Spanish Turkish
Swedish Swiss UK
Belgium Cyrillic Danish
Finnish French French Canadian
German Hebrew Italian
Japanese Korean Norwegian
Polish Slovenian

Backlighting: iKey’s backlit keyboard options feature almost any LED color, along with NVIS Green B for night vision compatibility. In addition, iKey can tailor a unit to have multiple levels of backlighting, along with an emergency “blackout” key.

Case Material:
Stainless Steel
Silicone Rubber
Textured Polyester
Conductive Plastic


Custom Pointing Devices: iKey can integrate a variety of pointing devices into custom keyboards. Options include a touchpad, force-sensing resistor (FSR), HulaPoint II™, or trackball. In some instances, iKey can integrate more than one pointing device into a single unit.

Custom Trackballs: iKey offers the full line of trackballs from Cursor Controls for integration into our keyboards. Ask us about custom projects.

Custom Attachable Keyboards: iKey has many design partnerships for attachable keyboards including Samsung, Dell and Panasonic. Keep us in mind for tablet refreshes and attachable keyboards.

There is nothing like using a truly rugged keyboard that is custom built for you and your team.