iKey worked with a consulting company which specializes in quantifying the Return on Investment(ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) for technology companies to identify and calculate total cost of ownership of rugged keyboards. TCO represents the real cost of owning and using a piece of equipment, considering price, maintenance, training, support, etc.

We’ve developed a TCO calculator below for you to use.

Scroll down to see the calculator example.  You can download our calculator for your use.

  • You will find that iKey has a lower total cost of ownership than other rugged brands, and versus non-rugged keyboards, when you look at a five and ten year horizon.  Industrial silicone lasts longer, can be cleaned faster, with normal hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants, and iKey keyboards have less need for repair.

You can access the TCO Calculator below to evaluate your own potential savings, based on your inputs. Simply enter your company name and email address below to receive the TCO Calculator in Excel format, free.

Below is our TCO example: 25 rugged keyboards purchased, with a typical industrial iKey keyboard at $395.00 cost. We’ve made assumptions to create the tool:

  • Daily cleaning, if necessary, is assumed at $2.50 per day cost
  • Sterilization, if necessary, is assumed at varying rates depending on whether the keyboard is made from industrial silicone and/or whether a dishwasher or other method is necessary beyond normal hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Repair cost estimated at $75/hour
  • Downtime is not factored in our table due to subjective downtime costs per industry

Disclaimer: Please note, the TCO Calculator is provided for informational purposes only and nothing contained in this calculator or in the results is intended to constitute a guarantee or professional advice.

Credits:  Marketecture, Austin, Texas, and Associates

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