RELY ON iKEY(R) FOR MOBILE, RUGGED KEYBOARDS AND DISPLAYS.  Since 1989, iKey has been outfitting commercial vehicles, trucks and law enforcement vehicles with rugged displays and keyboards designed specifically for mobile use.

iKey has outfitted city, county and state police departments with rugged keyboards and displays that are compatible with Pansonic tablets.  In February 2017, we began shipping a newly improved,  specialty keyboard designed for the Panasonic(R) Toughbook, model IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5. The keyboard has an improved latching mechanism and external 2.0 USB port.

Vibration, brightness, weather elements and temperature are big factors when choosing rugged peripherals for public safety. iKey’s keyboards feature sealed, laser-etched keys that are resistant to dirt, liquids and weather elements;  they do not wear with heavy use.  Many of iKey’s keyboards feature red LED backlit keys, VESA mounting patterns, and feature integrated touchpads.

  • iKey Rugged Displays. High-bright, daylight readable display screens provide easy readability –even in direct sun, and can be adjusted for optimal nighttime use.
  • Mounting is important to you. Partner with our partners easily. Ask us about mounting: 512-837-0283.

We make data entry and communication easy, dependable and rugged for you hazardous vehicle environment.



Charge your tablet and other devices in-vehicle with iKey’s Street Hub multi-port charger, with five standard hubs and two fast-charging ports that provides ~5 Amps.

You can rely on iKey:

  • Over 27 years of proof in the field
  • Ready to order products ship within 3-5 days
  • All products are built to meet IP 65+ and NEMA 4X standards
  • Lifetime support and offer repairs on almost all products
  • Small order? No problem. We can ship under 1 unit just as easily as 1,000.


iKey keyboards are the first choice for Xplore Tablet PCs for public safety and first responders. iKey’s SL-86-911-TP-USB mountable keyboard is featured on Xplore’s home page. Our short list:


  • XSLATE R12® – Fully rugged tablet PC, 2-in-1.  The hardened exterior, doubly-powerful interior and “all ports, all the time” connectivity of the XSLATE D10 rugged tablet gives the Android™ 6.0.1, Marshmallow OS a sweet, but tough, new edge over its competition outside the office and, well, everywhere under the sun. With an IP65 rating and 10.1” sunlight-viewable display, this supremely rugged tablet is ready for your job’s most extreme elements. Easily convert from mobile to desktop solution.
  • Bobcat® – Rugged tablet for Fire and Public Safety Use. Only 2.4lbs; 10.1” outdoor viewable display with anti-reflective glass and glove touch capability. MIL-STD-810G Certified including 5ft drop and IP65 Rating- Dustproof and Water Resistant.
  • Motion F5m® – Ergonomic, mobile rugged tablet. 3.3lbs of lightweight mobility with a slip-free grip and molded handle. The F5m rugged mobile computing series delivers high-end, lasting processing power in an ergonomic and ruggedized package. The rugged tablets’ 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, including the highest performing Intel® i7 vPro™ processor, provide the power to quickly move through computation-intensive applications while increasing overall power efficiency.MIL-STD-810G Certified and IP54 Rating


Interested? See their site for Public Safety solutions: www.xploretech.com/us/rugged-computing-industry-solutions/tablets-for-public-safety/


    “Real Customized” is the term we use to describe our capabilities to design a keyboard or full solution just for you. iKey has specific features built into our mobile and public safety peripherals, and our keyboards are designed to meet IP65 specifications or higher. And for further customization, you can use our experience and knowledge to build a product that is customized to your exact needs; change backlighting, size, weight, function keys and more. We hand build our first-class products in the United States and we build to order, to ensure the highest quality, every time. Our in-house designers and engineers are at the top of their field and we have 20 years invested in public safety and law enforcement vehicles. Contact us to get started on a project for you. Or choose from one of our specially designed, ready to order solutions.


    KEYBOARDS: What’s important to consider?

    1. Keyboard Size

    2. Screen readability

    3. USB Ports

    4. Ruggedized

    5. Dependability

    6. Mounting ease

    7. Fully sealed

    8. Durability

    9. Functionality in a wide range of temperatures

    10. Mobile

    11.Spaced keys for easy typing and accurate keystrokes with gloved use

    12. Backlighting for easy use in low light


    iKey has a rugged, mountable solution for every mobile application


  • SB-87-TP


    SkinnyBoard® Mobile Keyboard with Touchpad Measures only 0.5" Deep
  • IK-TR-911

    IK-TR-911 Transformer Backlit Keyboard

    IK-TR-911 Full Travel Keyboard with Attachment Versatility
  • IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5

    IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 Keyboard for Panasonic FZG1 Tablet

    Keyboard for Panasonic FZG1 Panasonic Tablet
  • SL-86-911-TP


    Mountable Keyboard with Touchpad
  • IK-KV-12.1 Display


    12.1-Inch iKeyVision Flat Panel Touch Screen Display
  • IK-KV-13.3W Display


    13.3-Inch iKeyVision Flat Panel Touch Screen Display


  • “As a system house and as an integrator of defense rugged computing solutions, Computech International (CTI) is seeking for the best of breed parts and accessories to integrate within its solutions. We found iKey products to meet our and our customers’ quality and performance requirements. We integrated hundreds of iKey rugged keyboards within the Israel Police cars to work with the Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad. We also integrated the iKey keyboard within a Rugged Vehicle Dock (RVD) for armored military platforms that we designed and build for the Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). When we need to choose a rugged keyboard for our solutions, iKey is our favorite choice.”

    - Udi Kauf, CEO, CTI Israel (Computech International)
  • “As an iKey reseller in Germany and Europe, iKey’s diverse portfolio of rugged keyboards and monitors perfectly meets our customers’ needs.”

    - Jens Rhein, Project Management, PWA Electronic GmbH
  • “They have prompt response time and accurate delivery expectations, ensuring a seamless business transaction our customers can appreciate. iKey’s medical keyboards are a perfect fit for our target market.”

    - Pam Chase, Senior Account Executive, Greenpages
  • “The fact that iKey’s products are without parallel in our industry makes providing them to our customers a must, and iKey’s professional, friendly staff makes ordering them a pleasure.”

    - Victoria Kamenev, Export Manager, ITC
  • “We use iKey’s 5K-OEM in our Quickturn Custom Production Program because it’s a great product and we can count on them to facilitate in the time we need to guarantee our services.”

    - Benjamin G. Chapman, Vice President, 2s2
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