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Choose iKey’s Attachable Keyboard for Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220 – 12″
November 26, 2019

News Item: Dell Rugged + iKey

  • iKey’s attachable keyboard, IK-DELL-AT, is the perfect accessory to the brand new Dell 7220. This is a 12″ screen on the Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet.  Our keyboard is made exclusively for the Dell Latitude 12, both models 7212 and the new 7220.  Ask us about pricing and delivery or call your I.T. Supplier.  We ship globally. If you are considering this 7220 tablet, the attachable rugged iKey keyboard is a must-have.
  • LINK
  • IK-DELL-AT is available in English and UK-English layouts. German and Spanish layouts are coming soon.
  • The Dell 12 Rugged Extreme Tablet is ideal for nearly any application:  industrial, public safety, military medical settings, fleet and more. We are seeing interest in nearly every category of industry.  When you pair the awesome brand of Dell with the amazing capabilities and reputation of iKey, you get a fantastic, reliable mobile solution.  What can iKey do for you before the end of 2019?
  • See this keyboard at iKey: https://www.ikey.com/product/ik-dell-attachable-keyboard-dell-latitude-12/

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