About Havis

Havis manufactures mobile office solutions for members of public safety, utility and public works, military and government, transportation industries and other mobile professions. Havis is a valued Partner of iKey® for over 30 years.

Havis has a legacy dating back over 80 years as a trusted manufacturer and provider of mission critical equipment with a focus on the customer. Built on a tradition of supporting the public safety sector under the Havis-Shields nameplate, the brand has grown and transformed significantly to a complete line of products that maximize mobile worker productivity with comfortable solutions, built to the highest safety standards, with a focus on quality.

Focused on growth and the creation of new opportunities; Havis made two major headline making business decisions. We acquired the Ledco-Chargeguard brand, and sold our Lighting Solutions product line to dedicate resources to our core business and focus on partnerships with computer and vehicle manufacturers. Havis’ continuous evolution ensures our customers the broadest product portfolio available, built to the highest quality, at the greatest value, while never sacrificing on performance.

Customers utilize Havis as their single provider for fleet and IT solution requirements, reducing cost of ownership and improving service and support. Havis expansive product line includes vehicle consoles, heavy duty mounts, computer docking stations, idle reduction systems, power management solutions, prisoner and K9 transports. Havis stays on the leading edge of automotive design changes in order to design the most efficient and thoroughly tested solutions.

With over 175 dedicated factory team members and 90 independent sales representatives, we are constantly growing to meet and exceed our customer needs. Havis is committed to educating our customers on product safety in mobile computing, resolving complicated vehicle computing needs, and handling the most demanding jobs. Havis representatives work side by side with customers to provide product information, installation support, updates on industry testing and validation requirements, and explain how to use Havis products to solve diverse challenges in the field.

You can trust in our people, beliefs, products, and commitment.

New products from Havis and iKey?  Ask your Havis sales representative about how we partner together for rugged, mobile peripherals and professional installation and mounting solutions for all types of vehicles and forklifts.