Ultra-Thin Keyboard with QuickLock™

The SB-101 by iKey® is one of the thinnest keyboards to date with a depth less than half an inch. Featuring a QuickLock® key, the SB-101 can be disabled quickly by pressing FN and C to avoid unwanted keystrokes during the cleaning and disinfection process. Built for versatility, the SB-101 features individually lit red LED backlit keys for nighttime or ambient light use and comes in a fully-sealed polycarbonate case with rubber keypad. The SB-101’s ultra-thin design and cleaning capabilities make it an ideal solution for use in small spaces, vehicles, forklifts, and rackdrawers. Optional magnetic mounting is available.

To learn more, visit our SB-101 video on YouTube’s iKey Keyboard Channel:
Click Here

Industrial Silicone Rubber Keypad
Lightweight ABS Polycarbonate Case
Meets NEMA 4X (IP65) Specifications
Red LED Backlit Keys
USB Connectivity
Shallow Depth
Ultra-Thin Design

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