DT-1000-NI Nonincendive Stainless Steel Keyboard

iKey offers a full line of nonincendive keyboards and pointing devices. The nonincendive DT-1000-NI is a full-size desktop keyboard featuring a stainless steel case and a sealed industrial silicone rubber keypad. It has a Factory Mutual approval of Class I, Division II. These units are ideal for harsh working conditions. Its 24 function keys and 10-key number pad allow for user versatility. The DT-1000-NI is designed to meet NEMA 4X specifications, making it resistant to dust, dirt, water and corrosive liquids. All units come with isolation barrier.

DT-1000-NI is Intrinsically Safe Peripheral IS/NI

10-Key Numeric Pad
114-Key Functionality
24 Function Keys
PS/2 or USB configurations available. PS/2 ships with bulkhead cable. USB ships with PG7 cable gland.

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